Jerusalem Burials – Funeral and Burial Services in Israel

Jerusalem Burials is dedicated to helping Jewish Families bury their loved ones anywhere in Israel. Our mission is to  provide comprehensive services at the best price, with an utmost level of compassion and understanding.

Burial in Israel

The Jewish People have always appreciated the value of burying a loved one in Israel – but relatively few believe it can really happen. We are here to change this belief.  Contact us to discuss the options and we will work with you to make it happen.

Need to know more about Jewish perspectives on funerals and burial in Israel? Click HERE.

Four prime location plots available at a special discounts

Near the entrance to the Eretz Hachaim cemetery near Bet Shemesh. Please apply for details!

Prime plots at the exceptional price of only $19,800 available for a limited time only

Har Hamenuchos. Please register as soon as possible to qualify.

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