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Plots in Har Hazeisim

For 3000 years, Jews of every stripe and from every sector have vied to be buried in the various sections of the cemetery on Har Hazeitim  (Mount of Olives). Jews living in Golus requested burial on   Har Hazeitim so as to be among the first to rise from the dead when the Moshiach comes (based on an ancient tradition). Down through the ages, many notable Jewish figures have been buried on   Har Hazeitim, including the prophets Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, along with many prominent rabbis and sages.  

Due to much unrest in East Jerusalem in the past years, and the ongoing desecration of tombstones, many people have opted for other cemeteries.
Plots in  Mount of Olives are currently being sold for around $27,000.

Dovid Kentridge-Director

Dovid has been working the the field of Jewish Burial Plots for the past 24 years. He served as director of the largest Jewish cemetery in Johannesburg, South Africa, Westpark Cemetery for 8 years.